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  • CC - Coordinate Algebra

EOCT Diagnostic Test

  • CC - Analytic Geometry

Unit 1 - Similarity, Congruence , Proof
Unit 2 - Right Triangle Trigonometry
Unit 3 - Circles and Volumes
Unit 4 - Extending the Number System
Unit 5 - Quadratic Functions
Unit 6 - Modeling Geometry
Unit 7 - Applications of Probability
EOCT Diagnostic Test

  • GPS - Integrated Algebra

Unit 1 - Function Families
Unit 2 - Algebra Investigations
Unit 3 - Geometry
Unit 4 - The Chance of Winning
Unit 5 - Algebraic Investigations
Unit 6 - Coordinate Geometry
EOCT Review

  • GPS - Integrated Geometry

Unit 1 - Quadratic Function
Unit 2 - Right Triangle Trigonometry
Unit 3 - Circles and Spheres
Unit 4 - Data Analysis and Probability
Unit 5 -Piecewise,Inverse,& Exponential
Unit 6 - Find the Best Model

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9th Grade
Unit 5 - Algebraic Investigations

Function Transformations (Geometer's Sketchpad Lab): A sketch of several functions that dynamically shows the effect of each variable coefficient
[i.e. y = a (b(x - h)^2 + k] (Level: 3/3) Author: Matthew Winking

Function Transformations

Logo learning Task(Geometer's Sketchpad Lab): A sketch that specifically uses the pictures suggestinged in the Logo learning task
(Level: 2/3) Author: Matthew Winking

Logo Learning Task

Function Transformation with Pictures(Geometer's Sketchpad Lab): A sketch that investigates transfromations of parabolas with realworld parabola pictures
(Level: 2/3) Author: Matthew Winking

Picture Function Transformations

Simultaneous Transformation of the Parent GraphsFunction Transformation with Pictures(Fathom Lab): A 'Fathom' that that lets you see how all of the parent graphs are simultaneously transformed as the parameters vary. This demonstration only demonstrates vertical stretch & compress and vertical translations. If you would like to include horizontal translation see Math 2 - Unit 1.
(Level: 2/3) Author: Matthew Winking and Theresa Brooks

Simultaneous Transformations

Piece-wise Picture Learning Task (TI-83/84): This engaging learning task reviews graphing linear equations with domain constraints in the calculator to create pictures on the calculator through mathematical descriptions.
(Level: 3/3) Author: Matthew Winking

Piece-wise Picture Learning Task (Word)
Piece-wise Picture Learning Task (PDF)