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Integrated Geometry

  • Unit 1 -

  • Unit 2 -
    Right Triangle Trigonometry

  • Unit 3 -
    Circles & 

  • Unit 4 -
    Data and

  • Unit 5 -
    Inverse, and
  • Unit 6 -
    Find the
    Best Model

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Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 EOC

Diagnostic Practice EOCT(WORD): ver 1.1, A comprehenisve practice test. Authors: Matt Winking, Ginny Payne, Carly, Therese Morrison

Analysis Score Sheet

Flash Cards (PDF): A set of complete flash cards to review for the final exam (Level: 1/3) Authors: Therese Morrison and Matthew Winking

It helps tremendously to demonstrate how to use the flash cards with two people. If a student can answer all of the questions on the front of a flash card put it down.  If a student misses a question shuffle it back in to the deck.


The flash cards will need to be printed or copied back and front.  Then, the cards will need to be cut out. Having the students cut out their own cards is more effiicient but will require some class time.

If your printer has the option, set the printer mode to print 'Back and Front.' If your printer doesn't have an option to print on back and front then just print the following file regularly.

To copy the flash cards properly.  Rotate every other page 180 degrees (the backs of the flash cards) and then put the pages in the copier as shown. This is to properly align the answers with the fronts of the flash cards.  Set the copier set up to print from one side to two side copies (i.e. back and front).


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