NEW!!! GMS Advanced Alg. , GMS Geom &. GSM AMDM Added (1/22/24)
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My name is Matthew M. Winking. I have been teaching High School Mathematics since 1993. Over the last several years, I have also designed and created numerous technology labs to assist teaching mathematics to students. I have facilitated several workshops for teachers that wish to empower students to understand mathematics on a deeper level through the use of technology. During some of these workshops that I facilitated, participants have also designed and created labs to share. Please post a comment if you like something or see something that should be corrected. M. Winking
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I created this web-site to share some of these resources that specifically relate to the new Georgia Standards of Excellence. Here is a list of the courses I will be working towards creating resources:

Cone Net
(x+y) cubed

  Contact Information: Matt Winking